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4 Steps To Follow When Starting a Job Search:

1. Define your best professional traits and become an expert. Do not focus on a million things. Focus on a few elements you want to perfect.

2. Gain credit through social media. “Keep it Classy, San Diego” may be the best line from the movie Anchorman to sum up what you write, post or show pictures on social media. Keep it clean, keep it classy.

3. The ABCs- (Always Be Connecting)…. Think about “who you know, and who knows you” when looking for a job. Talk to that mom on the soccer field, that dad at the bus stop. Ask them what they do, where they work, and tell them you are looking to make a career change.

4. Get feedback from those who know you best—at work, at home, anywhere. There is nothing like getting constructive criticism from loved ones and a straight up answer. Over the holidays it’s a great dinner time topic (Just have a glass of wine ready for the criticism). Ask for advice on your resume, Facebook and/or LinkedIn pages.

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Professional Involvement

Director of Social Engagement at Social Sales Network

Member of Philadelphia Jewish Business Network

Member of ADP Alumni Group

Consultant for Fortune 100 , 200 and 500 companies on how to effectively hire top talent and best practices on creating a professional brand on LinkedIn.

Community Involvement

Special Olympics of Montgomery County

Career Coach volunteer at The Jewish Federation of Southern NJ

Volunteer for several high school and college students for guidance, providing introductions for internships in a specific market.

Job Coach volunteer for special needs adults.